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ACE Eddie Nominated/Peabody Award Winning Motion Picture Editor . Champion Football Player

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The California Quake! That is the name of the women’s tackle football team that Stephanie Neroes not only helped establish but won a national championship as a player. As a coach, she’s had to manage different personalities to ensure success as a team. So, naturally, her background in team sports contributed to the foundation on which she built and continues to build her editing career having brought the ideology of leaving it all out on the field and one team, one goal with her into the edit room.


Much of her work experience is rooted in the non-scripted space where the stories are given birth in the cutting room. This gives her a unique skill set in the art of storytelling. When combined with being a triple minority, Stephanie can navigate characters and their storylines with a level of sensibility unique to who she is as a person. Those who have had the pleasure of working with her speak highly of her calming nature and willingness to listen.


At this point, Stephanie is looking to move into the feature space and even though stories rooted in raw emotion offset by a little humor and/or self-discovery are top of her list, being challenged is welcomed. So, she is open to exploring different genres whether long form or short form - especially if it’s a story that she connects with.

While in between jobs, she likes to write, spend quality time with her pup, bake, and enjoy nature.


American Cinema Editors 

ACE Welcome Committee, Co-chair


MPEG LGBTQIA+ Diversity Committee, Member

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