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A.C.E. Nominated Motion Picture Editor . Champion Football Player

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I discovered my love of editing in college and from that point on I set my intention on becoming an editor. That objective was fully realized fifteen years ago but in the genre of nonfiction. Recently, I’ve set another goal for myself as my passion has grown for narrative storytelling.


What I lack in experience specific to scripted editing, I make up for with determination and confidence. I have every belief that I can edit a scripted series of any genre and I am no stranger to tight deadlines, long hours or working under pressure. I’ve always been told that not only do I have a great sense of rhythm and instinct as well as a calming demeanor which is why many producers love working with me. In addition, I’ve spent a third of my life participating in team sports so I know how I know the importance of teamwork and as a result, I work well with others.


Also, I feel that with my extensive non-scripted background, I have a unique skill set in the art of storytelling considering the story is given birth in the editing room. My experience includes everything from singing/dancing competitions to soap type docuseries to documentary series to hidden camera and everything in between. So, with the ability to bridge gaps along with possessing several different viewpoints as a triple minority, I feel that I would be a great addition to any editorial team.

I’m enthusiastic about what the future holds for entertainment and the opportunities that present themselves as I pursue a new passion.

And, here's a fun fact: I played women's tackle football for ten years and coached for three. I retired after blowing both my knees but not before winning a national championship.

So, I'm no stranger to hard work and determination!


American Cinema Editors 

ACE Welcome Committee, Co-chair


MPEG LGBTQ+ Diversity Committee, Member

The Television Academy of Arts & Sciences, Member

Women In Film

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